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1111: The Truth About Numbers

I’m sure you will be seeing much about today’s numeric date sequence (1111) on the Internet and in metaphysical, esoteric and numerology circles. If you are reading this, chances are, you have experienced seeing this numeric sequence - or are beginning to see it - frequently yourself.

Over the last year I have had many clients ask about the meaning of this number, and to be honest, I typically give the short and generally accepted answer (angel number). In this article, however, I will go into more depth as to the nature of this number sequence, and others, as part of a spiritual awakening code.

1111 began appearing in my life in 2013. I had moved to Hamilton Ontario into a high-rise apartment building, and my apartment number was – you guessed it - 1111. Unbeknownst to me at this time, this apartment opened a gateway for me; a tunnel into my own abilities as a healer. It was while I resided in this apartment that I decided to become a Reiki Master. It was here too, that I felt the energy of my deceased mother actually leave my body. Following this experience, I noticed profound changes in my behaviour. I no longer had the same attitude toward men or romantic relationships. Going out and partying all the time no longer appealed to me. I became a truer version of my real self. I didn’t even know the significance of this number sequence at this time.

In 2014 I began to notice the number 1111 appearing on clocks and in other, seemingly random places (like the total of a receipt, or the last four digits of a phone number). A neighbor came to visit one evening. After an evening of spiritual conversation I walked my neighbor to the door. He opened it and looked up.

“You know about 1111 right?” he asked as he was leaving.

I replied that I didn’t, so when he left I decided to look it up.

The most common explanation you will find on the web is that this sequence refers to angelic communication, manifestation and protection (as an Angel number sequence). In Numerology, it is the amplification of the Number 1, which relates to new beginnings, initiative and ambition (multiplied by the power of 4). What I have learned over the years, however, is that this number is actually your wake up call. It is the universe’s way of getting your attention.

You may be asking why the universe wants your attention all of a sudden. First, it is because there is a massive upgrade of human consciousness in the works right now. 1111 is your call to consciousness. Interestingly, 1111 is the usually the first code many spiritual seekers begin to notice when on the path. After noticing this number in your life, you will also begin to notice synchronicities – coincidences that are too frequent (and too amazing) to ignore. This is the universe helping you recognize your divinity as a soul. It is activating your awakening process. It is upgrading you at a cellular level.

Over the last six months I have distinctly noticed an increase in the frequency of seeing repeated numbers and number sequences, especially the numbers 11 and 17. Ever since I can remember, however, I have always seen the numbers 1017 – the time of my birth. As a Medium I find the repeating number 17 to be a validation of my visions, readings and beliefs. I recently discovered that the number 17 is the code of immortality.

Every number and every sequence, (including non-repetitive number sequences such as 1234) has meaning. Each sequence is a code that activates to open and align you more fully to your unique spiritual path. The more you notice numbers and sequences, the more you will be aligning to the universe as a whole: the collective consciousness that will eventually bring peace and healing to all of earth and her inhabitants. The more you see it, the more you will bring others of your frequency and energy into your life, and onto your path.

As I enter this 11:11:17 weekend, I am experiencing a resurgence of childhood wounds that have come back for healing, as well as other emotional traumas and past-life issues. I have even been made aware of an ancestral curse that I need to reverse. Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s very real for me and very true. I believe now, that this cross-country move that I undertook two months ago happened when it did so that I would be free of distractions in order to observe and heal. I am here at this exact time because the universe made it so. I know I will be a better healer following this 1111 gateway.

Now, each time you see this number, pause, and remember that the universe is opening its loving arms to you and healing your soul. It is welcoming you back to the memories of who and what you are.

My heart kisses your heart,


For more information on 1111 in numerology and in angel codes (and other explanations related to numeric sequences), I have included the following links:

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