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I have spent the last twenty years seeking my truth.  On this constantly evolving spiritual path, I have have come to know that the universe speaks to each of us in a variety of ways. 


Since my first experiences with Reiki in 2007 to becoming a Reiki Master in 2014, I have witnessed and experienced the undeniable power of energy healing.  When I began to bring through other energies during Reiki treatments, I could no longer ignore the fact that I was a Medium. 

My focus and life purpose is to bring awareness and healing through the direct experience of energy - in all of its forms. 


allow me to introduce you to this truth.




"My heart crumbled into a million tiny pieces.  I sobbed.  I knelt and put my arms around Samantha.  Unbelievable!  All of it.  It was like she was pulling balloons out of the sky and there were tiny pictures or puzzle pieces inside each one.  Clues to a story. (Lee wrote a story about our reading which I have posted in my blog area.)

Lee B., Ontario



It is part of my soul journey to awaken the highest energies within others, as I have within myself. I offer a variety of services to get my clients to see their lives, their challenges, and their spirituality from a different perspective. 

From energy healing and readings, to classes and coaching, my approach is unique.

Give the gift of healing:  Gift certificates are now available.    

I accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal, e-Transfer and Cash.

Private Readings

$70 - Private up to 60 mins.

+ $20 each additional quarter hour

When the body dies, our soul energy remains: I am able to connect to this energy.  Readings provide proof that the soul never dies and your loved ones are always with you. This is a private reading for one person. 

Also offered by phone.

Energy Healing / Reiki


60 - 75 mins.

This unique service combines traditional techniques (such as Reiki) with my ability to see and read auras, chakras and your holographic body.  Angels and Guides may also visit for your highest healing. 

Distance sessions also available.

Small Group Readings

$35 per person*

6 people per group*

I am presently booking small group readings for 6 people*.  I am also able to provide these readings over Skype so no matter where your group is located, you can also experience this opportunity to connect with your loved ones in spirit.
*Groups must be 6 people to receive my current discounted $35 rate.

Reiki Classes:

Learn, Practice, Teach

Level I: $250

Level II: $350

LEVEL I: Heal Yourself

In this 5 hour course you will learn: History of Reiki, Reiki Principles, Hand Positions, and receive the First Attunement. 

LEVEL II: Help Others
In this 7 hour course you will learn: 3 Symbols, Distance and Group Treatments, how to Start our Own Practice and more. 

*Both classes include follow up, manuals (PDF) and more.*

Spiritual Coaching

$40 (60 minutes)

While always rewarding in the end, navigating the spiritual path can be difficult at times.  I seek to assist those individuals - the fledgling healers, spiritual aspirants and others on the path, to avoid unnecessary pitfalls.  After 20 years of seeking, I have a wealth of knowledge to share.  I provide valuable tools and information, plus I can help to ensure that you remain grounded and protected throughout your journey.

Past Lives with Angels & Guides

$70 up to 60 mins.

+ $20 per additional quarter hour

+ Insight Report (Optional)

Here we connect with your guides and angels to retrieve information on past life tendencies that are showing up in this lifetime to be understood, overcome and healed.  As I receive more insight and information for days afterward, I now offer an Insight Report.




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