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Group Reading Details

Before you read on I want to thank you for visiting my site and for your interest and belief in what I do. I am truly grateful. I am pleased to announce that I am now offering small group readings. The duration of a group reading is approximately 2 - 3 hours (depending on the size of the group). The reading can be hosted in your home or in Manitou Beach. (For clients outside of my travel range will incur a surcharge for travel. Please contact me for more information on travel fees.) Important information: As the reading is in group format (meaning, everyone in the room will be hearing each other’s messages from Spirit), recordings are not permitted in order to protect your privacy. I can

From Skeptic to Reiki Master and Medium

It’s been eleven years since I had my first experiences with Reiki. When I decided to get a session back in 2007 I had no idea what Reiki was or what I should expect from a treatment. Skeptical and uncertain (but willing to try anything once), I asked the Reiki Master some details. She graciously gave me a quick explanation which I've expanded on next. While Reiki energy primarily affects the endocrine system in the physical/emotional bodies, the chakras (or energy centres located within the body), and the subtle energy that exists around us (the aura/spiritual bodies), it assists in healing on all levels. From physical pain to emotional issues and mental health, Reiki helps with everything


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