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Sessions with Spirit: The Addams Family

As some of you may know from having a reading with me, I often receive songs from the spirit realm prior to a reading. The song itself may be a favourite of the client or loved one in spirit, or, it could be less obvious. It's possible that the title or lyrics of the song contain a special message, or perhaps it is the artist’s name that is of significance. There have been times when a client walks away from the reading not knowing the significance until later when they check with a family member. On this particular day as I was about to head off to my office for a reading, the first few bars of the theme song to the 1960's television show The Addams Family began looping in my head. At first I assumed that the song was for my client, however, spirit also sends me songs at times. Since I enjoyed reruns of this show as a child, I asked for verification that the song was for my client by asking spirit to play it again during the reading. I soon reached my office and prepared as I always do. When the client arrived (a lovely girl in her late twenties), I gave her my spiel and provided details of the loved ones who were present for our reading. Then I mentioned the song. She had no idea what I was talking about. I mentally checked with spirit and immediately heard the first few notes of the theme song again. I now knew for sure that the song was for my client. I told her that the song had significance and perhaps it was for an older sibling or another family member to verify. I left it at that and continued the reading.

A few hours after the client left my office, she sent me this text;

"I was wondering if Grandpa would mention the piano, and then it hit me! We only knew how to play one song as kids… the first few notes of The Addams Family!”

Queue The Addams Family theme song.

Spirit never disappoints.

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