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Sessions with Spirit: Tanya Tucker, Randy Travis and a Curling Rink

I get some crazy stuff sometimes, from Leonardo da Vinci and mathematician Leonard Euler, to tattoos and family secrets. Sometimes even I have difficulty believing some of the information that comes through, but over the years Spirit has taught me to trust and believe. As always, I am astounded and amazed by every reading. The way everything unfolded with respect to this reading left me in awe of spirit once again. About five minutes before my client arrived I distinctly heard the line Delta Dawn from the song of the same name, by Tanya Tucker. Immediately it was followed by the chorus of another country song, I'm Diggin' Up Bones, I'm Diggin' Up Bones, and that was it. The music st

Planetary Influences on Personal Energy: Part I - The Moon

I have been fascinated by space and energy most of my adult life. During long sessions of meditation years before I became a Reiki Master or Medium, I became aware of the knowledge that the cosmos are responsible for the energy that affects us all. It is an energy that runs through us, connects us and influences us on many levels. As I started to explore astronomy and astrology, as well as ancient cultures, wisdom and belief systems, I immediately noticed the pattern, this common thread throughout ancient history: the stars and the planets speak to us. The cosmos have been the source of magic, mystery and wisdom for millennia. Fast forward to modern science, that is able to explain pla


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