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Planetary Influences on Personal Energy: Part II - Venus

I recently read an article on Live Science that stated the planet Mercury may actually be closer to Earth than Venus. The article states that while Venus is closest to Earth when it comes by on its orbit, it is Mercury that stays closest to our planet the longest. For the purpose of this blog however, we will work with Venus as the next (closest) planet.

Venus, which is approximately 38 million kilometres away and has a solid iron core similar in size to Earth’s core, is regarded as the planet of love in astrology, and is the energy of relationships, passion and survival. However Venus doesn’t just rule romantic relationships, it also refers to the relationships you have with yourself, with the cosmos, money, family and friendships. Venus is commonly referred to as our ‘sister planet’ for these reasons, as well as its physical similarities to our planet. It is also the planet of passion and resonates with the feminine principle (yin) and beauty (both inner and outer).

Venus energy has an immense pull on Earth and all of its inhabitants. Being almost the same size, mass, gravity and density as earth, Venus’ largest difference to earth is its surface, which is hot and fiery at 400+ degrees centigrade. (The moon is only 27% the size of earth but is much closer at 384,000 kilometres.)

When I think of the fiery Venusian surface I think of the word ‘passion’. I often also think of its energy in terms of survival on a primal and basic needs level. On earth, the most important part of our existence is our personal and social relationships; key components to our survival. Astrologically speaking, Venusian energy is that of love. Venusian energy’s effect on our energy reveals itself in the form of personal contact, self-love and acceptance. The passion of Venusian energy drives us forward, revives us and makes our lives more meaningful.

Venus in Retrograde: Unlike our moon, the planets in our solar system affect us due to their forward or retrograde (seemingly reverse) motion. Most retrograde periods for the planets involve reflection and contemplation. Venus goes retrograde once every eighteen months for approximately six weeks. The retrograde period is an ideal time to rethink our self-image, as well as our relationship with ourselves and others. Venus retrograde is a time when our core values and the link between our personalities and souls come to the fore to be examined and re-evaluated. It is also a time when our inborn talents, abilities and skills reveal themselves and wish to be honed and practiced.

Venus retrograde is a not only a time to review our relationships, but to see if we are being true to ourselves. It is a time for clearing any negative relationship residue from our personal energy field. It is a time to challenge ourselves, try new ways of being and immerse our energy in creative ways that add to expanding our personalities and nurturing soul growth.

Note: Venus will not be in retrograde in 2019.

Up next: Mercury.

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