Sessions with Spirit: A Journey Through Past Lives

After seeing some of my own past lives last year during a silent meditation retreat, I practiced Past Life Readings on clients/friends before adding them to my repertoire of services.

During a Past Life Reading I connect with your angels and guides on the other side to assist me as we explore the past lives that are most directly influencing your current life tendencies, successes and challenges. In some instances, course correction in this lifetime is necessary in order to carry out your destiny.

Unlike a mediumship reading, spirit can stay with me for days (even weeks) after a past life session, providing clarity and insight into the information received during the initial sitting. I’ve also discovered that these readings can go on for between one and three hours. Since discovering these traits of past life readings, I decided to prepare an Insight Report for clients based on the additional information I receive. To accommodate longer readings, I have adjusted the pricing structure.

As I prepared to read past lives for my client on this particular day, I first connected with a few of her grandparents on the other side. One of her grandmothers was a guide that had been with her since her birth. I also connected with two archangels, Haniel and Jophiel. At the most basic level Haniel is associated with moon energy and healers/healing abilities, while Jophiel is the patron saint of artists. My sitter on this day was (and still is) an artist. Her work includes pieces of both a spiritual and celestial nature.

Before commencing the reading I distinctly heard the word muse after connecting with her guides. I heard, 'she is the muse of these archangels', which I repeated aloud, unaware of the significance this word would take on over the next several days and weeks. Our reading began.

I mentally asked the guides and angels to begin showing me the lives that were most affecting her present incarnation. I was immediately shown a cat, followed by a high priestess, and my client morphing into a feline (believe me, I know how strange it sounds).