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Illumination and Illusion: Triggered Awake

Humanity has been activated. The activation didn’t happen overnight but has been in the works for millenia. It was happening before the pandemic. It happened in preparation of these times. I said it a few newsletters ago; something else is going on. I couldn’t shake the feeling that what began as a virus was to trigger something greater and more powerful. This something had remnants of the masculine shifting to the feminine, mixed with dollops of astrological intervention and heaps of divine timing. It felt like a wake up call (and still does). We have been triggered into a mass awakening. We have begun to notice the many discrepancies within the systems that govern us and this h

Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter.

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the wrongful deaths of so many black and indigenous men, women and children at the hands of not just police, but of justice systems worldwide. To my fellow people of colour and the Black Lives Matter movement; I support your peaceful activism toward permanent change. I was born, raised and lived in many different areas both in and outside of Toronto until I moved to Saskatchewan in 2015. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world - a badge of honour, which I proudly represent. Early on however, being of mixed race came with consequences, such as being called names and being bullied as a child. These incidences are petty in con


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