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Sessions with Spirit: Tanya Tucker, Randy Travis and a Curling Rink

I get some crazy stuff sometimes, from Leonardo da Vinci and mathematician Leonard Euler, to tattoos and family secrets. Sometimes even I have difficulty believing some of the information that comes through, but over the years Spirit has taught me to trust and believe. As always, I am astounded and amazed by every reading. The way everything unfolded with respect to this reading left me in awe of spirit once again. About five minutes before my client arrived I distinctly heard the line Delta Dawn from the song of the same name, by Tanya Tucker. Immediately it was followed by the chorus of another country song, I'm Diggin' Up Bones, I'm Diggin' Up Bones, and that was it. The music started and just as abruptly, it stopped. I didn't even know who sang Diggin' Up Bones. I only knew who sang Delta Dawn because my mother used to play it when I was a child. I never fancied that old country music she played. I preferred my dad's taste in music - soul music, no pun intended. Just as the songs came and went, my client buzzed and I let her in. As usual, I had already connected to the other side in preparation for her arrival. I asked her who was on the other side that was associated with an arena. She said it was her grandfather. Immediately I felt the heart attack and told her that he had died from a heart attack. At the time, she couldn't confirm how he died. I kept seeing the arena, and felt there was something more about the arena than it just being his workplace. I also began to see her grandfather making an odd motion with his hands. I mimicked what I was seeing to my client. Again, she couldn't make out the gesture, nor could she confirm how he had died, for he had passed when she was just a little girl. I moved on to the other man that was present for the reading; a brother energy. It was in this moment that I recalled the songs and mentioned Delta Dawn and Diggin' Up Bones, and queried if they had any special meaning for her. She looked at me, eyes wide; "Did I ever mention my brother's name to you?" she asked. I replied that she hadn't. "My brother's name is Randy. Randy Travis sings Diggin' Up Bones. He and my other brother danced with Tanya Tucker at the Calgary Stampede years ago!"

The client had two other deceased friends/family members come through before we wrapped things up. (It came to light that the Diggin' Up Bones song had multiple connections for her.) She sent me a text a bit later in the day, confirming a few things she couldn't piece together at our reading. Then she said, '"my grandfather died of a heart attack at the curling rink. That motion he was making was him curling!"

Ah yes, that would be the motion he was making: pushing a curling broom. I truly love this work. Spirit never disappoints

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