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Planetary Influences on Personal Energy: Part III - Mercury

When in forward motion, Mercury represents reason, intellect and expression but during retrograde she is a mystical powerhouse and mighty agent of change. Due to her frequent retrograde cycles (which are believed to cause technological malfunctions, misunderstandings and mood swings), Mercury has a bit of a bad rap. As a mercurial girl (Mercury rules Gemini, my astrological sign) her energy provides a creative boost and inspires my earthly and other-wordlly communications. Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system (since Pluto is no longer a planet), and is the planet closes to our sun. A year on this planet takes only 88 Earth days. She is less than 5,000 kilometres in diameter

Sessions with Spirit: A Journey Through Past Lives

After seeing some of my own past lives last year during a silent meditation retreat, I practiced Past Life Readings on clients/friends before adding them to my repertoire of services. During a Past Life Reading I connect with your angels and guides on the other side to assist me as we explore the past lives that are most directly influencing your current life tendencies, successes and challenges. In some instances, course correction in this lifetime is necessary in order to carry out your destiny. Unlike a mediumship reading, spirit can stay with me for days (even weeks) after a past life session, providing clarity and insight into the information received during the initial sitting. I’ve


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