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Illumination and Illusion: Triggered Awake

Humanity has been activated. The activation didn’t happen overnight but has been in the works for millenia. It was happening before the pandemic. It happened in preparation of these times. I said it a few newsletters ago; something else is going on. I couldn’t shake the feeling that what began as a virus was to trigger something greater and more powerful. This something had remnants of the masculine shifting to the feminine, mixed with dollops of astrological intervention and heaps of divine timing. It felt like a wake up call (and still does). We have been triggered into a mass awakening. We have begun to notice the many discrepancies within the systems that govern us and this has illuminated a desire for truth. It is time to explore the alternative motivations of these systems and more importantly the alternative possibilities. We are witnessing is shift in consciousness; specifically a shift from masculine to feminine energy. This is playing out in various ways lately, from the obvious, (coronavirus, financial collapse, government agendas and racial inequality) to the subtle (personal patterns, ways of thinking, doing and being, going within). We are in the process of a grand cleansing: a purge that is a catalyst for more peace, truth and love. What is emerging is a more energetically balanced, feminine world. We need to endure what is happening now in order to appreciate what is to come. Illusions of equality and justice have blinded many into beleiving that everything is fine in our world. But everything is not fine. Government and economy need an overhaul and world leaders need a reality check. The economy has become a hodge-podge of notions, biases and agendas. World governments designed to represent the needs of the people have leaned toward representing the desires of individuals and corporations instead. To quote Bob Geldof, "Let's address the intellectual absurdity and the moral repulsion of people dying in a world of surplus". And may I add, dying at the hands of our protectors or dying due to race or religion. To move past illusion and into a more illumined world we must educate ourselves and go inward to feel what is right and true. Let’s see through the illusion by no longer being fooled into believing everything that is presented to us through the media, from our politicians, corporations or justice systems. It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent (or wealthiest), but the ones most responsive to change. - Charles Darwin

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