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Sessions with Spirit: Meditating with the Universe

Did you know that as a Medium I do several small visualizations in order to connect with Spirit before my readings and treatments? I also spend anywhere between ten and twenty minutes in silence and connection prior to any session. All forms of energy have an opportunity to connect with me during this meditative silence, and I have an opportunity to clear my thoughts and focus on the higher aspects of the mind. It is this silent time prior to readings and treatments that I become most aware of your loved ones, guides, and angels. In this silence they connect with me and provide details about themselves and the most pressing issues for you to heal. I have spent more than a decade experiencing and exploring a variety of meditation techniques. From guided visualizations to pranayama (focused breathing), and most recently Vipassana meditation. I believe my commitment to meditation brought me closer to Spirit and helped to unlock my innate abilities. While I've never meditated with the intention of becoming a Medium, this is what naturally occurred for me over the course of time. As you meditate, you too will become who you are truly meant to be. You will become more aware of the universal energies that are at play all around us, of the nature or our existence and other profound and meaningful insights.

Meditation calms the energy around you and mixes with universal energy - effectively raising the vibration of humanity across the globe. Can you imagine what our lives would feel like if we all meditated on a regular basis? I believe that It would feel akin to heaven on earth.

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