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The Many Paths to Ascension

There are many paths to ascension. I am listing my top five methods that have served me well on my path and will assist you in effectively raising your frequency. Raising your vibration is the way to personal empowerment, enlightenment and knowledge of the ultimate truths of our existence.

I am grateful to have been able to explore many types of healing modalities on my journey, and I feel blessed for my experiences thus far. I urge you to try different things – from Reiki to Shamanism, from Yoga to Qi Gong – you just never know what is going to resonate with you, and what is going to bring you closer to your unique path.

In the first fifteen years of my (ongoing) ascension process, the gradual elevation of my own mind/body/spirit occurred in fits and starts. Sometimes it was a sudden and profound word or phrase that changed me from the inside, out. Other times it was a vision that left me wondering and searching, remembering and waiting for the next clue or epiphany.

One constant throughout the following five methods is the concept that going within is the key to ascension. Turning off the busy mind and returning to source energy is necessary in order to move forward. I invite you to join me with the many others who are on this incredible journey of knowledge, healing and elevation of our souls, and our planet.

So here they are; my top five methods of awakening to your higher self, and ascending the ladder into the many layered dimensions of spirit:

Path 1: Meditation

One of my first spiritual breakthroughs came through practicing Paramahansa Yogananda’s method of meditation. Yogananda’s method allowed me to experience a peace and stillness within myself that I hadn’t known existed or was possible (though it did take much practice and a bit of time to get there). Once the breakthrough occurred, however, my life was forever affected. The peace from that one breakthrough lasted months, so continued practice would equal continued peace.

The knowledge that comes during these profound times of solitude through right meditation is consciousness changing. I was given a glimpse into the true nature of our origins, the universe, and most importantly the peaceful and loving truth of who and what we are. Exterior circumstances no longer had the same gripping affect. Instead, anxiety and depression were replaced almost instantly with peace. This newfound knowledge that I did not have to go outside of myself to find the peace I so desperately desired provided a comfort that could not be measured.

Yogananda’s method of meditation is akin to taking the highway (instead of side streets) to spiritual development. I encourage everyone to meditate. The rewards are limitless.

(Visit: for more information on Paramahansaji’s work, classes and meditations.)

Path 2: Reiki (and other energy healing methods)

If you haven’t experienced Reiki, I highly recommend that you get out there and get a treatment. Ask around and find a practitioner with a good reputation. Like any practice, there are some very gifted and naturally intuitive energy healers, and some that are not. In this instance, credentials are not as important as reputation. Reiki will always work, but it is by far more powerful when the healer and the client are engaged and in-tune.

Magical, life-changing things can happen in just one Reiki session, and ongoing treatment will change you, alchemically, for the better. The first five treatments I had in 2007 put me on my path, and although I wandered off at times over the next few years, it was Reiki that brought me to where I am today. Those initial treatments reached me in profound spiritual and metaphysical ways, and although what happened to me during Reiki may not be typical, Reiki energy is Universal energy that helps us in the exact way that we need to be helped at any given time. Regular treatments will balance you and enable you to get back in touch with your innate nature – that of a loving, peaceful soul at one with the universe.

Path 3: Hatha Yoga and Breath Work

Were you aware that the word Yoga roughly translates as the word Union in English? Unfortunately in today’s world, yoga has become synonymous with exercise, which isn’t entirely untrue but rather inaccurate.

The purpose of Yoga is to reunite you with your higher self, or the self within. It is also to return you to your God-like state, and reconnect you – or should I say reunite you – with Source and the Source love which is your birthright. While most any form of yoga may still bring you to this state, Hatha Yoga is specifically designed to release tension from the body and mind, strengthen the body and develop concentration. Hatha will reconnect with your wise inner self.

In Hatha Yoga, poses are held for periods of time, and specific breathing will accompany each posture. While breath work is an integral part of any style of yoga, it can also be done as a stand-alone practice (discussed later). At the end of the practice there is a period of relaxation which allows you to feel the effect the practice has had on your body, mind and soul. I highly recommend this yoga before any others for beginners – and as your forever practice. I was lucky to have practiced Hatha Yoga at a Zen Buddhist temple for more than a year. It was an incredibly peaceful and moving experience.

Breath work, also referred to as Pranayama, involves different ways of breathing that help the body to detoxify and de-stress. It improves concentration, lung capacity and balance and has numerous other benefits as well. I have practiced this type of breathing on its own – aside from yoga, as well as with yoga – and it is an incredible way to ease tension and provide stillness.

Path 4: Mantra/Sound Healing

Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, mantras and frequency music are all excellent ways of tuning in and turning our attention inward. Practices such as these focus our minds and calm us, enabling our minds to detach from the outside world and any distracting or unhealthy inner chatter. Sound healing reconnects us to the frequencies of sound found throughout our universe - our first home - giving us a sense of comfort. (In case you didn’t know, we are all made of star-stuff.)

All of these sounds - from gongs to crystal bowls - can put us into a meditative state that will assist us in relaxation. In the relaxed and meditative state our cells, bodies, minds and spirit are rejuvenated and healed. The more you can take time out from the hectic pace of life and practice getting into a relaxed state, the more easily you will transcend the thinking mind – a key factor in the ascension process.

Path 5: Kundalini Yoga (with caution)

My first experience with Kundalini Yoga is somewhat humourous. When I was going to the temple for Hatha Yoga, there was a Kundalini class in the time slot before my class. One day I arrived quite a bit early (eager beaver) and spied on the Kundalini class while I waited.

Oh my.

It was not at all anything I was interested in at that time. The whole class looked like what I would have then (ignorantly) referred to as a cult – they were seated on cushions, moving their bodies in a circular motion followed by chanting something I didn’t understand. I backed up and went outside until their class dispersed.

Flash forward several years later and my stepmother sent me a DVD; Maya Fiennes Kundalini Yoga to Detox and De-stress.

Stressed out was an understatement for me at this time, so I gave it a try. I didn’t make it through (I was too distracted by own nagging thoughts and anxiety), so I put it away. A few months later I gave it another try and I was amazed. I released so much tension during the practice that I became dizzy. The next time I did it, I cried. The time after that, well, I felt like I was on a cloud all day long. All yoga is powerful, and I believe that all varieties of yoga have their time and place in our lives.

Kundalini Yoga is designed to awaken dormant energy that exists within us and so it should be practiced with caution. This energy is powerful, and when it is released too quickly or too forcefully it can cause emotional upheaval. This type of emotional release (forced) can be difficult to maneuver through because of its unique origins and intensity. Please, go ahead and practice this wonderful style of yoga but always remember to balance your practice.

The ascension process is not always serene and blissful. We will always have circumstances to overcome throughout our time on this earth. The methods I have listed above can assist us in retaining a positive outlook and a peaceful spirit despite exterior circumstances.

It is important to note that none of these methods will work without your effort and attention. You cannot practice any consciousness technique while posting on Facebook and expect the same results as though you were practicing with full attention and intention.

As I tell all of my Reiki clients; you are responsible for your own health, and that means taking an active role in healing. The same applies here; you must take an active role in your own ascension process.

Trust me, it will be worth the effort.

My light honours your light…


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