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Creating Your Own Sacred Space

A sacred space can be used to meditate, honour a Guru, or to engage in any religious or spiritual practice. If you’re a healer, this may be the space where you conduct your healing sessions. Creating a place just for you and your spiritual practice is easy and will provide rewards for years to come.

I've had a sacred space for more than a decade. It started off quite simply as a shelf that had a few crystals and a photo of my Guru. As my spirituality grew and flourished, so too did my sacred space. I have collected many items over the years, all of which speak to me in different ways, and all of which represent a unique time or period of growth on my spiritual path.

Today, I use my Reiki room as my sacred space. It holds all of my spiritual books, oracle cards, sage and other sacred items. Through all of the healing work that clients and I have done in this room, and all of the beautiful healing energy that has amassed within its walls, there is palpable sacred feeling that lights me up every time I step into this room.

You can create a sacred area within your home or office too. Think of this area as a place where you can retreat for some body/mind/soul healing of your own, whenever you need it.

Step 1 - Set the Atmosphere: Whether you’re able to set an entire room aside or just an area in the corner of a room, you need to ensure a few things. First, make sure that the area you are using is clean and serene. You may not want to create a space in the family living room for example, since you will probably find little time to spend there alone. The corner of a bedroom, basement or private office is ideal.

Step 2 - Protect and Connect: Place a real (or imaginary) protective boundary around the space to keep unwanted energy at bay. (I have used sea salt to draw a line around my sacred area or have used protective crystals.) Connect with the 5 elements by ensuring there are items that represent fire, air, water, earth, and ether. Start with placing at least one candle in your new space. I prefer white as I think of it as pure and cleansing. It also connects with the angelic realm and your personal light which connects us with the universe, but feel free to go with a colour that resonates with you. Place a plant or flower(s) in the area as this connects with nature/mother earth. (If you have crystals they can also serve as an earth connection.) I always keep a glass of water nearby, but you may prefer to have a small bowl filled with water and a floating candle serving two elements at once.

Step 3 - Make it Yours: Now all you need are the items that represent your spirituality and spiritual practice. Arrange these items in a way that feels natural, calming and sacred to you. You may want to investigate how others have set up their sacred spaces for inspiration, or, you can simply follow your own intuition which is the divine spark of creativity within you. Do you have crystals, oracle cards, statues of angels or deities that you honour or commune with? Bring these into your space. Do you have prayer beads, sacred texts, sacred shapes, pendulums, sage, incense? Bring these items in too. I fully believe the Bible to be an ancient, sacred (though misunderstood) text. I keep one in my sacred space and another elsewhere in my home. You may wish to include precious art or photos as well.

Now what? Now is a good time to determine if you will need a seat or sitting area of some kind in your space. Decide what that looks like for you and introduce it. How your space looks is not as important as how it feels. Once you have the area set up, sit there for a little while and allow yourself feel the energy of the space. Make any adjustments. If something feels off you could have a blocked flow of energy, in which case I suggest consulting a Feng Shui book or website. Keep adjusting until it feels right. Spend time daily in your sacred space to charge it with your energy and positive vibes and it will repay you tenfold for years to come.

Your space can and will evolve as your spiritual journey unfolds. Make room for growth and change as it is part of your spiritual progression.


Samantha, Medium

& Reiki Master

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